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Learning occurs within the context in which active learners construct new knowledge and meaning from their experience. Since learners are at center stage with regard to their experience, the content of their learning must be relevant to the individual. He initially studied in introspectionism, but he ends up finding this approach being excessively vague for psychology, especially for his works of mental processes.

Based on the reinforces and reinforcement. Which leads us up to parsimony, one of the basic assumptions of the learning perspective. The Phenomenographic perspective CONTEXT Whereas Constructivism is based on a dualistic view of an external and an internal reality, the phenomenographic perspective does not recognize the dichotomy between a subjectively experienced world and an outer objective reality.

The environment is highly socialized and contextualized, as it results from the stratification of experience over time.

But today we know that those things are not scientifically unknowable because today we have many technologies such as the CAT scan etc. The opposite was found for pigeons. As can be seen in handout 8, this has proven to be unsatisfactory to explain language acquisition.

Developed theories of operant conditioning. From a systemic point of view, my newly acquired understanding of these issues will affect my own interaction with others and my shifting roles as a teacher, learner, participant, observer, mentor, and learning partner. An unconditioned stimulus gives an unconditioned response, a reaction that goes directly through the nervous system and is faster than perception.

Complex behavior is caused by simple mechanisms reductionism One of the key theories of the learning perspective. The intent to take action stems from the awareness of a perceived act and thinking is just a way to prepare one to act. He was both gifted and provocative.

Compared with the other two perspectives, this one appears to recognize that meaning is contextualized within each community experience and that the level of variation found in human enterprises will ensure an ever-changing, refreshing evolvement in human cultures, personal experience and stages of learning, and ultimately in the acquisition and elaboration of knowledge.

In general, as many cohort members have also stated, the three perspectives serve as a platform for further analysis and understanding of learning-related issues. It affirms that reality in not extrinsic to learners, who instead use motivation to actively and collaboratively construct their knowledge and meaning from their personal experience.

Garcia studied coyotes, making them hesitate to attack sheep by giving them poisoned meat, making them ill, wrapped in sheepskin. The behaviorist suggests that reinforcement strengthens responses but cognitive suggest that reinforcement is a source of feedback about what is likely to happen if behaviors are repeated or changed.

Compare and Contrast Essay on Teaching and Learning Theories: Behaviorism and Constructivism

Behavioral Theory The behavioral approach is the behavior view that generally assumes that the outcome of learning is the change in behavior and emphasizes the effects of internal events on an individual. Behaviorism and Constructivism Modern methodologists put a lot of effort defining the best methodological model for students and for the future perspective.

Watson took this idea further, generalizing it to saying that everything humans learn, they learn through classical conditioning. He fed the rats with saccharine water containing a poison that would give them a stomach ache, making the rats develop an aversion towards saccharine water.

Some psychologist have attempted to explain language acquisition through operant conditioning. Thus learning occurs as the result of the dynamic process of interplay between meaning and experience and develops within a context that is both personal and social.

Social learning theory[ edit ] Main theorist: Bandura used bo-bo dolls to investigate wheather children copy adults behavior modeling. In accommodation we learn from our failure or the failures of others. In this course we explored certain aspects of learning as they were laid out in three important perspectives.

Shaping is another form of operant conditioning, it is the process used to alter behavior in individuals.

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Custom The Learning Perspective Essay. As most of the approaches in psychology we can also argue that we can find the origins of the learning perspective back from the ancient Greece times. The constructivist theory is attributed to Jean Piaget who articulated the mechanisms by stating that knowledge is internalized by learners.

Gagging and sneezing, for example. But because this perspective concentrates too much on analyzing what we can see from the outside it lacks to study consciousness and internal subjective states. For many years psychologist sought to understand what is learning, the nature of it, how is it transpired and how individuals influence learning in others through teaching and similar endeavors.

The roles of students and teachers are radically different in these two approaches. Behaviorism concentrates on learning through observing. I would like to write some final considerations that may add some personal touch to an otherwise very academic paper. The Learning Perspective Objectives of the Unit: Describe and evaluate the cultural context and development, the conceptual framework, the methodology, and the application of the learning model.

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Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Essay on The Learning Perspective - The Learning Perspective The learning perspective what is it. This is the study of how exactly a person is effected through what they learn on a daily basis.

Through family, their surroundings and behavior. The people who believe this line of thinking are called behaviorists.

Running Head Learning and Growth Perspective Learning and Growth Perspective Kendell Moore Dr. JD Eveland BUS Case 4 Learning and Growth Perspective Introduction Measures in the Learning and Growth perspective of the Balanced Scorecard are really the enablers of the others perspectives.

In essence, they are the foundation. Giventhat learning is an active and evolving process, formative assessment can be used by teachers to assess, monitor, challenge unclear perspectives and adapt classroom practices to accommodate the constructivist principles of learning.

The Historical and Cultural Factors that Contribute to the Development of the Learning Perspective Words | 9 Pages. The Historical and Cultural Factors that Contribute to the Development of the Learning Perspective The study of how humans learn is a dominant component of the learning perspective.

The learning perspective essay
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The Learning Perspective