English should not be the national

Consumers across the ocean speak other languages and require communication with similarly speaking people. French was also considered, because it was thought at the time, and especially by the French, to be the language of pure reason.

Suggesting that learning English is easy for some races and difficult for other races is, itself, racist. Proposals to ban English first surfaced shortly after the American Revolution That may sound too radical, but proposals to ban English first surfaced in the heady days after the American Revolution.

The question however is too simplistic: Another reason to ban English: The languages were indicative of myriad cultures and ways of life. We might as well ban English …no one seems to read it much lately We might as well ban English, too, because no one seems to read it much lately, few can spell it, and fewer still can parse it.

Source 3 45 Because the USA is the most multilingual country on earth. If government cut off the job of translators their job get worse.


Language has served as a tool, not a cause, of social conflict. Any further legislation would only augment the embattlement that these cultures already face.

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Language is an organic force, and difficult to control. The non-speaker is powerless to contest whatever conclusions they draw. Source 1 20 Language is a huge part of anyone's culture, and now you want to force these innocent immigrants to change languages, just because other countries do, or it could save a few bucks.

Basically, any sport played on foot was considered football, Association Football being just one type. This would unreasonably burden government services, adding a huge layer of bureaucracy and costs.

One prerequisite of being an American, as we have seen, is the ability to speak English. Source 1 America has people from all over the world,its like a melting pot.

Why English should be the official language of the United States

The full name is "french-cut fried potatoes", where french cut is to cut a vegetable into long thin strips. If imposition is to be avoided as a rule, then federal speech codes must surely qualify.

Source 2 29 Most of the people I know are monolingual, which I consider a problem, so having more that one might make people more eager to learn.

Why English should be the official language of the United States

What is the most accepted usage: The opposition won out and Ebonics was dropped. Source 1 14 Plus, learning a new language is a very tedious process and takes a lot of time and dedication to learn a new one.

Unfortunately, most of the indigenous languages of the United States have become extinct or are severely threatened. More important, we should ban English because it has become a world language. I often confused how the word "English" should be written in phrases like "English language", because I meet both variants: Source 2 There are at least languages spoken in the United States.

To the extent that America has a national culture, it has been shaped by elements that immigrants brought with them. Though this amendment died in Congress, it reappeared in various iterations over time, passing the House inand finding Senate approval 10 years later, as part of an immigration reform bill that itself failed to become law.

If we give Spanish speaking people this right, we would naturally have to extend the right to all the other some-odd languages and those that speak them. Psychologists have found that bilingualism is correlated with greater mental flexibility, perhaps because command of two symbolic systems provides more than one way to approach a problem.

But that is not said sanctimoniously to you.

Debate: English as US official language

How are we supposed to be the great melting pot if we are forcing immigrants to speak a foreign language. Source 1 25 In the future if we all speak English people of different cultures wouldn't be able to talk to their families,because they would only be able to speak English.

Again, I highly doubt this second sentence was anything but a politician practicing his craft. Source 3 41 Because when a language is official, all government documents and websites, etc must be published in that language. Source 1 12 We can't just say learn English and expect it to happen.

Too many languages for right to govt services in own language. No, in the case of a public emergency the government would not be able to effectively help affected citizens. German, the largest minority language in the U. People from every race come to the US and learn to understand the American dialect of English.

Being able to communicate in English with police officers, for instance, has not kept young black males from filling the rosters of the US penal complex.

I nthe English-only debate acquired a new racially inflected dimension, when a school board in Oakland, California passed a resolution to permit use of Black Urban Vernacular – also known as ‘Ebonics’ – in the curriculum.

Read this Social Issues Essay and over 88, other research documents. English Should Not Be the National Language of the Usa. "RESOLVED: THAT THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES ENACT LEGISLATION MAKING AMERICAN ENGLISH THE NATIONAL /5(1). English shouldn't be the only language in the United States.

The reasons following that is because many people live here in the United States. People from Cuba, Japan, Europe and all over the world live here.

English Should Not Be the National Language of the Usa

Should English be the Official Language of the United States Name ENG Instructor April 30, Should English be the Official Language of the United States The debate on whether the United States should make English the official language has been raging within the borders of the country for decades.

Why English Is Not the "Official Language" of the United States By Bernie Reeves Language is a mystery that has baffled science and religion since the first recorded utterance of upright man. May 19,  · It does not go as far as proposals to designate English the nation's official language, which would require all government publications and business to be in English.

English should not be the national
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